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Professional Work Highlights

A selection from over 35 experiences I have led at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Mission Jurassic

$9mil Jurassic and Mesozoic fossils, environments, interactives, and multimedia exhibition.

Take Me There: Greece

10,000 sq ft immersive experience that whisks away kids and grownups to modern day Greece.

Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor's Painted Army

The first exhibition in a children's museum to feature over 110 authentic objects from Xi'an, China, including ten warriors, armor, gold, and pieces with fragile paint still intact.

Beyond Spaceship Earth: ISS

NASA-funded permanent exhibition of the International Space Station, where kids and families can see space-flown objects and find out how astronauts live, work, and stay safe on the ISS.

Professional Experience: Experience

Exhibit Photos

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Beyond Spaceship Earth: ISS
Giants of the Jurassic
Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor's Painted Army
Take Me There: Greece
Professional Experience: Portfolio
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