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The Journey Home (and this site's origin story)

The end of one journey signals the beginning of the next- such is the tale of the life-long learner. Having finished my work toward a master's degree in Museum Studies I didn't have to look hard for that "what next". It was obvious to me that I wanted to carry on the momentum of an independent research study project that looked at the role of museums in rural communities- how do they weave into the networks and day-to-day lives of the people who live there? How are they such a fixture that they are accepted as the place that holds important things, maybe even has government support- and yet many people do not visit or worse, say "I didn't even know you were here!" This site is dedicated to connecting with others who share this farm kid's love for and interest in museums and rural communities, and the intersection of the two. Here you can take a look at interesting people, places, organizations, and resources I have discovered through my research and travels across the U.S. I'll share questions and ideas, all with the goal of understanding how museums are a part of the fabric of their communities.

Grandpa's Barn Before the Storm

Gabriel Humphrey

Pencil on canvas


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